Create your new reality by discovering your limiting beliefs! 

Every reality requires another version of you. Become that version that is needed for your new reality. 

I guide you to discover your true potential by providing life coaching & business coaching services. 


You are more than your mind!

You are a powerful being with a mind, body and spirit.  It’s time to raise up to your true potential!

It’s all within: Happiness, love, light, success & your powers.

My name is Amanj and I love to guide you to discover your true potential through transformation.

My journey started after walking alone in the mountains, feeling intensely happy and connectedness that I couldn’t describe.

Before that, my focus was mainly on financial success, external validation and building businesses. Each year, I was making more money, but it never gave me any satisfaction.

The mountains taught me that numbers will never end, and there is another part of life that I did not discover yet. The true me: Who am I actually, and why am I here?

This is where my inner Rise journey started. It felt like a rebirth and I had to learn everything differently. That feeling that I could not describe was the true connection with myself.

I discovered that my true gifts are to guide others with their inner rise. A journey of discovery to become your true self.

My mission is to unite people to co-create the new world that we truly desire. A world based on love, abundance & compassion.

Amanj – Entrepreneur & Coach

Be the change you wish to see in the world.
“Mahatma Gandhi”

I love to share my gifts as

Life Coach: Inner Rise Journey

Discover your true potential in 11 weeks! Your time to Inner Rise has come.

Business Coach

Business Coaching for conscious freelancers, solopreneurs & entrepreneurs. Discover your true mission & reach your public in an ethical way.

Men Circle - Power House

Connect with your feelings and powerful men. Discover the feminine/loving part of you that you didn’t know excised.

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